Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look More Romantic

Getting stuck in that old routine is easy for any couple to do, often killing any chance of some spice in the bedroom. Think outside of the box, get out of that dreary rut of routine and take a peek at some ideas to make the bedroom more romantic for both you and your significant other.


Warm Up Your Walls


When you ask someone what color they think of when trying to set the mood, so many of their initial responses are the color red. It’s actually been proven that couples with red in their bedrooms have less sex than any other couple. It’s also been reported that those that have warmer colors in the bedroom, such as browns and caramel colors tend to have sex the most often.


Cast Yourself in the Best Light


There’s many different factors that come into play when you’re trying to set the mood just right. Those things include temperature, scent, light and color. You always want to have the thermostat set for a comfortable temperature for both of you, because nothing says mood-killer like a sauna or a snow storm. Choosing the lighting is also very important. Instead of just sticking with the average bedside lamps and main lights, try to think outside of the box and come up with something a little different. Having the lights at a dimmer setting is definitely a plus. Maybe even consider getting some LED twinkle lights if you feel like going all out.


Move the Mood-Killers

Man texting SMS  on mobile phone in bed


So many of us are guilty of bringing our outside stressors into the bedroom. One big no-no is bringing phones to bed. A study has shown that many people actually put off sex because they wanted to check that one last email or text, while another handful of people from the same study admitted to rushing sex just so they can get back to their work life.


Use Your Common Scents


Sense of smell is definitely a very powerful thing. Snuggling into your significant others’ sweater brings comfort and familiarity, so let’s put some of that comfort in the bedroom. Always go with your gut when choosing a scent, many people always go with their signature perfume. Spritz a little here and there throughout the sheets and be amazed!


Don’t Skimp on This


Anything French just sounds romantic, right? So many people feel the same, and turns out it’s because of their overwhelmingly thoughtful attention to detail. Who doesn’t want to know that their partner has gone out of their way to make sure everything is just right and all the little details are smoothed out? Give your all when trying to please your partner, they’ll appreciate it!


Create A True Escape from This


One of the main factors Calistoga Solage was named one of the most romantic hotels is that the resort is designed to take your mind off of your typical daily worries, Mueller says. This is something that can also very easily be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to take the time out of your day to stop and appreciate one another for a moment, putting all else out of your mind.


Plump Up Your Pillows


The bed is definitely one of the focal points when talking about making the bedroom a more romantic place. The ultimate goal is to make your bed look like you just want to sink into it, that warm and welcoming feeling. Investing in some higher end or super soft bed sheets can definitely work in your favor. Nothing says romantic like a soft pillow to lay your head on after a long days’ work.


Choose A Classic Soundtrack

Although your current playlist already has the main staples of songs that have had meaning throughout your relationship, maybe it’s time to spice things up a bit. Look on Spotify or Google if you need more inspiration in the musical department, as a different playlist can unleash so many different feelings. Change is always good, and even a little exciting!